Have you ever taken a bath and loved the warm sensation of the water flowing through your hair but then felt the cold rush of water becoming cold after a few minutes , that is when you know the importance of your water heater. 

Tank-type water heaters can be described as commercial or household appliances that are made up of a cylindrical vessel that ensures hot water is always available for long showers that you love as well as cooking and laundry. They're typically located in garages or storage closets of houses and are powered with an energy source, such as gas or electricity. Although water heaters appear to be non-threatening however, if an issue is ignored and if hot water maintenance wollongong is not done then the heater could be an actual threat to your home as well as your family.

Check out the below list of security guidelines you must be aware of.

Be Sure That Your Water Heater is Ventilated

Vents that are not properly placed and vents with drafts or vents that have been damaged could cause the fumes to escape into the house instead of venting outside. Although ventilation can be quite technical it is important to ensure that the vents on your water heater aren't sagging and are able to go both ways (rather than down and up) and have the same size that the diverter in your tank. Vents must be installed and properly adjusted and screwed particularly in areas of your house which are classified as earthquake-prone.

Check Your Temperature/Pressure Relief Valve Frequently

The relief valve for temperature and pressure is designed to prevent the heater's water from going out in the event that the pressure or temperature is higher than the safe limit. Since valves for residential use are susceptible to fail, it's imperative to test the valve every year by pulling upwards over the handles. 

Water should flow freely, however, it will stop when you let the handle go. If there's no flow or drips that are minimal then you are in need of hot water system replacement wollongong. The drain lines should flow out and down and not up. The valve that has these issues could cause a devastating explosion and a fire that could cause extensive damage to your home , or more serious - injuries to the body or even death for people who live within the home.

Remove Fire Hazards Near Your Water Heater

If you own an electric water heater that runs on gas it is recommended to take everything and anything away from the tank that is inflammable. Storing materials or liquids that are flammable close to the pilot light can be an invitation to catastrophe. 

Don't store any items like jackets, ropes, garbage, or canisters filled with gas near the water heater. All it takes is a crack in the heater's wall or the gas leak to trigger an acidic reaction in the combustible substances that result in a catastrophic explosion.

Make sure you have the correct temperature setting

Water heaters are specifically sized to meet the size and heating requirements of a home. Tanks that are not properly sized are more prone to being dangerous than properly sized ones due to the fact that they could attain dangerous temperatures and pressures. 

If you purchased your house from an owner, who bought a new hot water system wollongong that didn't initially come with the home, ensure that you are able to have it tested and approved to be the right size for your house. It is recommended that homeowners do not set the temperature of the water heater over 120 degrees F. Degrees are usually only available for commercial tanks. So be sure to test the temperature on your tank at home with an instrument for measuring temperature. Anything higher than 130 degrees could cause scalding and can be an ideal place to breed the legionella bacteria.

Set up the Carbon Monoxide Monitor

As mentioned, insufficient water heater venting can let fumes through your property. When your appliance is fuelled by gas , it is essential to set up a carbon monoxide monitoring system within your home. Carbon monoxide poses a risk with any combustion appliance and must be taken care of to protect yourself extremely carefully.


While this isn't an all-inclusive list of measures to be taken in regards to your water heater's quality, it's an excellent starting point. If you think your water heater requires evaluation or repair, ensure that you contact professional plumbers in your area for all requirements related to your water heater. They will employ high-quality materials and finish your work quickly and effectively.